Thursday, 19 January 2017

Zombie for a day

Anyone else fascinated yet rationally petrified of zombies?
Me too.

We had a Halloween dress-up competition at work last year, not too many people dressed up, but I decided to go all-out zombie.
I won, and got a movie voucher, but the best part was commuting on public transport, & going out for dinner still dressed up, I got some funny reactions, and a few random people asked for selfies with me.

It was lots of fun, & a bit of effort; I bought the contact lenses, made the blood, and sourced the clothes from an opp shop.

Cured, but the memories linger...

World Vegan Day 2016

World Vegan Day is one event I  look forward to each year, finding new products and discovering new food ideas is always a fun time, the free samples don't hurt either...

This year there was a huge Orgran stall with new products to try, lots of samples and discount deals.

Probably the highlight for me was the Gluten-Free food truck, everything at WVD is Vegan of course, but there are always things people with a gluten allergy or intolerance miss out on. The hot food section is especially tricky, lots of pies & pizza that I can't touch, so I was crazy excited when we spotted the GF food van.

It was very busy again this year, but there was plenty of space, and plenty to see.
If you can make it next year, I highly recommend getting there.

GF cupcake (my sister can't keep her fingers out of things)

Super delicious flavored milks.

Lovely wallets, etc

The adorable GF food van :D

Delicious Buddha-bowl from the GF food van; the mashed potatoes was our favorite, but we ate it too quickly...

Sketch compilation - Inktober, expect more.

In the past 12 months or so I've gotten right back into traditional mediums, mostly ink pen (Pentel energel .5) with Copic sketch markers.

I'm working on some related projects involving wood and resin, I'll post about that once I have my first completed piece.

Here is a small compilation of some of my earlier sketches...

Glorious plants - Photo dump

I took these photos during winter.
There is always something beautiful to see...


Fungi forage adventure

Last Autumn we decided to go on a mission to collect some wild edible mushrooms.

We had our sights set on pine mushrooms (milk caps), as well as slippery jacks; both are easy to identify, and (we hoped) easy to find.

We got up early, hopped into our trusty yellow van, & set out to a few areas known for being fungi friendly, namely Hastings/Merrick/Bittern, all in Victoria, Australia.

It turned out to be a very successful day, we returned home with a huge box full, & ate some for dinner.

Pulled off to the side after spotting some fungi...

 A good patch of pine mushrooms.

Underside of a perfect pine mushroom.

We also saw plenty of other wild fungi... 

Including lots & lots of fly agaric.

 This is the box after only a few stops, by the end it was loaded!

Back at home we made a mushroom stew with mashed potatoes. Yum!

One of my favorite places - Mount Buffalo

and probably one of the most beautiful, no matter where you look the landscape is magnificent.
There are plenty of walking tracks, rocks to climb, & a lovely lake for swimming. The highlight for me was a small crystal clear (& completely freezing cold) pool, know as 'The lady bath'.

I love this place, & ever since we left I've wanted to go back. I feel like I need to live in the mountains...

 First views on our way up.

Lake Catani. 

 The lady bath.

Let's get back to it - Pokemon drawings 2015-16

There have been some enormous changes in my life over the past few years, & there are lots of things I haven't kept up with, contributing to my blog is one that I want to get back to. I have plenty of content to post, so let's get to it...

Starting with some digital pokemon drawings from 2015-16...

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Gluten-Free Vegan food porn!

My Girlfriend is keen on food, to say the least, & we make (& eat) lots of good stuff, even though, ideally, I should be fasting at the moment ':D
Here is some of it, it's all made from scratch, Gluten-free & Vegan :)
Christmas dinner 2015. Roast pumpkin, steamed cauliflower + cheezy cashew sauce, Caesar salad, Hassleback potatoes + gravy, Meaty baked jackfruit, Chickpea patties, steamed peas, & Miso broccoli salad, with a glass of sparkling grape juice on the side.
It was a damn good dinner.
Caesar salad recipe from -

Fresh watermelon slushy.

Veggie Pho with Rice noodles & Tempeh.

Rice paper roll feast! Complete with various dipping sauces + MIB.

Burger, level 9000. Burger base is mashed chickpeas + Jackfruit.

Congee #1.

Congee #2.

and, our Souvlaki-ish chickpea flour wrap. Recipe for the wrap is at -
Hope that gives you all some inspiration to make something delicious!
If you are keen on Gluten-free Vegan food, feel free to join my Facebook group - Vegan Gluten-free Food Ideas :)